Happiness @ Work Assessment - 3 simple questions


This is a simple, yet effective exercise for individuals in all aspects of life however particularly relevant when assessing your happiness, 'fit' or energy measures at work.

One of my Global leaders once delivered me this simple tool, for which I’m forever grateful.

It’s called the Happiness@Work scale - not officially, I just made that up. No fancy assessments or diagnostic tools, simply: 

  • Question 1 - On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you at work right now?

  • Question 2 - What is your desired score? - assuming you’re not at it already.

  • Question 3 - What are two things negatively preventing you from this score and what are the two things that will get closer to that number?

One additional consideration connected to purpose: How important is it for you feel proud to work for this organisation, AND do you feel proud? Beyond tangible elements of the role and relationships, are your values and purpose aligned with the organisation's vision, purpose or social consciousness? If no, assess whether this is a deal breaker in the short or long term.

Write these four points down. Use these dimensions in 1:1 meetings or career conversations with employees or leaders to share an authentic, solution-focused perspective on how best to increase your engagement & output. More importantly, start playing a lead role in living your purpose at work, and in life. 


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Alicia Kearns