Hustle + Heart // December Edition

WellMind: Meet The Expert //
Sydney Emotional Fitness

Psychologist, Counselling and Coaching Services. The team, Scott Wright, Principal Psychologist, and Kelly Segat, Chief Coach, unlock potential in senior management, sales and emerging leaders.  >> Read the full interview

WellWork + Sydney Emotional Fitness tailor solutions to help your employees build emotional resourcefulness through scientifically-based psychologist, counselling and coaching treatments.

Enterprise  //
Wellbeing As An Experience: Your ticket to engagement

Organisations have a unique opportunity to design a wellbeing experience, within or parallel to an over-arching employee experience, that appeals to the varying needs of employees and exponentially increases engagement.

>> Read our tips on designing Wellbeing As An Experience

Thoughts + Insights //
Benefits of integrating wellbeing into performance management

Performance management.jpg

“Workplace wellbeing could be taken more seriously by if a more overt connection is drawn between wellbeing and performance" Geoff McDonald, Executive Director, Open Mind and former Global VP HR, Unilever. 

What human metrics can you start measuring to gauge the success of your employee's performance?  >> Read the article

Pay It Forward //
Recommended podcast: The road to character

New York Times columnist and bestselling author David Brooks reveals how we can discover and build a stronger, more meaningful moral character. Explore vulnerability, the importance of believing in yourself and gaining strength from those around you. Have a listen // Podtail or iTunes.

Word //

"Productivity is for robots. What humans are going to be really good at is asking questions, being creative and experiences'
Kevin Kelly, Founder, Wired