Meet the Expert: Greg Hawes, GH Meditation


Meet WellWork’s Mindfulness, Meditation & Emotional Intelligence expert - Greg Hawes, Founder of GH Meditation. Having worked with C-suite leaders, athletes and high performing sales teams globally, Greg is passionate about helping people find their new launching platform.

He believes organisations who introduce mindfulness and emotional intelligence (EI) training and practices will foster happier people, harmonious relationships and thriving workplaces. 

To say that Greg has had a significant impact on WellWork’s founder, Alicia Kearns, would be an understatement. We sat down for a chat and asked him to share his perspective on how organisations can build a culture of wellbeing.

+ How would you describe your mindfulness & meditation training?
I teach individuals and corporations how to operate on a cellular level. To visualise and manifest things exactly as they wish them to be, then bring that to fruition through meditation and other training. Through this, I empower individuals to manifest & visualise what it is they want and show them how to energetically set up situations within them and around them. This enables them to be a player in their destiny, instead of a bobbing cork floating in an infinite ocean waiting to be hit by the next wave.

My goal is to transform people from a place of fear or doubt into a place of confidence, vision, abundance and success.

+ What do you believe are some of the secrets of your success with executives?
What I bring to individuals and executives in organisations, is a wealth of experience and truckload of intuition. By working with the energy of the person or group, I am able to tailor meditation and mindfulness sessions to their very specific needs, allowing incredibly effective & measurable outcomes.

Through tailored meditation, mindfulness and EI awareness, leaders can stop operating from a place of fear and stress and be more connected, healthy and successful, with unbelievable output - in all areas of their life!

I have the best job in the world, being able to observe these incredible breakthroughs each and every week.

+ There’s quite a bit of talk about building thriving workplaces, describe what this means to you?
A thriving workplace to me is a place where people feel energetic, safe and genuinely cared for. This has to come from both leadership and individuals to create the necessary ripple effect throughout any organisation.  

Change is inevitable so employees need a new set of emotional tools to traverse constant disruption with resilience and resourcefulness. By creating a workplace where employees feel emotionally safe and supported and teaching people how to look within, and to know all they need is within, will deliver measurable synergy in the workplace.

For teaming, encouraging individuals to harness their colleagues as opportunities rather than as threats will by default empower employees to be more vulnerable and creative in the workplace.

As the greater world increases its sensitivity, organisations who can be seen to be grateful, and have a consciousness for its employees and customers, will be the ones who have the greatest success on all levels.


"Change is inevitable so employees need a new set of emotional tools to traverse constant disruption with resilience and resourcefulness."


+ Where have you observed wellbeing programs missing a trick?
Many corporate wellbeing programs are designed with a one style fits all attitude, which is simply not the case. Individuals and groups need specifically tailored programs delivered as they need it with content that is appropriate to where they are on their journey. It seems the larger the organisation, the more generic programs become and are therefore far less effective. It has to be taken back to the unique and specific needs of each individual or group to create a significant shift in their emotional & mental wellbeing.   

+ Here at WellWork, we want to share as many #wellhacks as possible with business and greater society. What’s your #wellhack for small changes that have great impact in organisations?
Create a dedicated quiet space, where employees could take time out each day or achieve 'focus work'. Add the facilitation of meditation, mindfulness and emotional intelligence sessions in every workplace on a weekly basis and let the flourishing begin.

I have taught so many time-poor executives over the years how to meditate, even for just 3-5 minutes a day, and seen so often how it has changed their lives.

+ What’s are some of the most common ‘briefs’ you receive from organisations or executives?
Enhancing gratitude and self-worth, without a doubt.

+ Talk to me about gratitude.
Firstly, gratitude is taking time out to slow down and look at what you do vs what you don’t. By focusing on gratitude within individuals, for each other and for the organisation & ecosystem they work within, people simply want to come to work, they have a sense of pride in themselves and the outcomes they are tasked with.

It is about creating a higher level of emotional intelligence within people and organisations so they can genuinely accept each other, appreciate the people and the environment surrounding them, without judgement or annoyance. 

+ Self-worth, on an individual level or can this also translate to an enterprise?
There’s a lot of doubt within organisations and if a leader can harness their self-worth, as an individual and enterprise, and authentically share this confidence to external stakeholders and their customers it can rapidly build trust in the brand and what their products or services can deliver. 

Self-worth is absolutely crucial to each and every person for happiness, if we don’t have self-worth we don’t feel entitled to achievement or success, we block abundance - both individuals and organisations.

To flip the switch, it’s about looking at the things you DO like about yourself, taking it to that very basic level. In some cases, it’s even about getting people to a point where they’re neutral with themselves, some are so far down a hole.

When salespeople, for example, have a high level of self-worth, they innately know what they deserve and are worthy of any success that comes their way - and their performance reflects this.

Meditation is a very effective way to activate, reactivate or to create self-worth for the very first time within individuals and groups.

+ Super insightful Greg, thank you so much for taking the time today. Before you head off, talk us through a typical day with you and how your meditation and mindfulness practices ensure you’re a thriving human in all areas of your life?

It is my intention to live my life mindfully and with a constantly improved level of emotional intelligence. Even by doing the simple things mindfully, it sets the intent for the day. I choose what I eat and then as I consume I will be very mindful about what is going into my body  - instead of reading my phone, watching tv or any other distraction - plus, it helps digestion and absorption!

I always take a few moments to breathe and get some clarity around what is my intention for today. I like to visualise my priorities for the day ahead and energetically set these up. Both in my subconscious mind and decreeing to the universe what I would like to manifest, which then allows a far greater chance of it happening.

I allow contingency time between meetings and for travel. I deliberately maintain a slow (yet effective) pace throughout the day, which means I am never rushed, but rather in a calm state of mind. I am conscious of being present and listening mindfully to others in all instances.

I choose very carefully what I hear and watch, particularly news. I will mostly listen to music that is, for me, uplifting to the soul. When I do watch tv it is always something recorded or streamed without the interruption of unexpected advertisements.

It is always important for me to check in with nature several times a day, which means going outside, looking at the sky, feeling the temperature and where possible connecting with the earth to ground myself. At night, I always go outside, look at the stars and take some deep breaths. This gives me perspective and connection to nature and all things before I sleep.  It is too easy to stay indoors and be unaware of the moon, the stars and the energy that these elements can grant you. 

For me from the beginning of the day until the end of each day, it is about making mindful choices and operating in a calm, quietly determined and very effective way.

WellWork, in partnership with GH Meditation, can deliver mindfulness, meditation & emotional intelligence coaching, presentations or structured programs as part of your strategic wellbeing solution.