Wellness at the heart of your culture

Our HOLISTIC solutions are designed to the unique requirements of your people and enterprise. By focusing on the areas of wellbeing that are meaningful to employees we are confident of real behaviourial change and results.

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Understand the unique wellbeing needs of your people.

Our complimentary employee assessment will diagnose key physical, emotional and mental wellbeing indicators.

From the assessment, we will share  a high-level scorecard of the including current and/or preventative hotspots that should form the focus of your program design.


Informed by your employees. Aligned to the strategic goals + purpose of your business.

Wellbeing as-an-experience requires a mapping of employee’s needs, environment, collaboration and technology touch points.

Our consultants have experience navigating complex enterprise environments. We understand how to align with internal initiatives and the importance of planning with flawless execution.


Scale and quality of service can be deal breakers. So we guarantee both.

WellWork has a premium network of Move, Mind, Nourish + Body experts located throughout Australia.

Our community of coaches, practitioners and specialists enable us to deliver an innovative enterprise solution, not limited to a handful of specialities. 

We partner with you to onboard all service providers and align with your internal teams.


Historically, the #1 failure of wellbeing programs is non-participation. 

 We tackle this head-on with robust communication plans and profiled content, digital experiences and tailored incentives.

Founded with a strong background in content, we deliver tailored programs across our four pillars: Move, Mind, Nourish + Body. Key findings from the assessment will determine the content narrative + journey. 

A robust measurement or evaluation strategy is key to the success of your wellbeing program.
Our ongoing program measurement will track success, identify areas to sustain vs pivot and adjust execution to meet changing corporate goals.